This blog is going to be my view on life and the events that we are experiencing around the world. I want this to open up discussions between not only strangers but people we know and give us the opportunity understand other peoples views and beliefs. This site has not been created to say that my opinion is the correct one, nor has it been made to tell you how you should think. It is simply a series of collected thoughts of mine that I have made public to get people thinking and talking, I encourage you to challenge things that I post like you would on any social media site. I love debating different topics and would hope you would respectfully do so with myself and others who comment, keeping in mind that the major word here is respectfully.

I hope you enjoy what is published as much as I enjoy writing these posts. I will try to remain regular with my updates as in the past I haven’t, it can be hard sometimes to stop and get my thoughts written down especially when there seems to be so much going on. Enjoy this and I look forward to everyone’s thoughts being shared freely and without judgement. Some of you may recognise some of the posts being added. I have updated to blog a little bit to help me while I went through a serious lack of motivation and have added the three posts already written and published, I am seriously hoping this helps me get back into my groove and keeps me posting regularly considering there is so much going on at the moment. – Liam xx