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In this post I want to focus on the current issues that surround the Australian plebiscite into whether or not same-sex marriage will become a reality in 2017. I want to look at the steps and where this will potentially … Continue reading

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Trump’s Inability To Hold A Press Conference…

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Stand By Your Words?

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The Collapse Of America?

“Waiting for the day when you can be you and I can be me” Christina Aguilera Do we have permission to judge Americans for ‘acting’ the way they are? Especially when they’re influenced by and following their president. This question … Continue reading

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Drug Addiction

Let me begin by saying that this post is my experience and it is different for every person. I am not using this platform to glorify the use of illegal substances, it’s not to paint this amazing picture of happiness, I’m … Continue reading

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The Way I See It…

I have noticed something quite disconcerting within the LGBT community, it’s a feeling that I have not experienced since coming out. A feeling of disconnect, confusion and sadness almost to the point of embarrassment. While this is not directed at … Continue reading

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