My name is Liam Anwandter and I wanted to take a chance to not only thank you for taking the time to explore my blog, but to give a brief idea of how I came to launch a blog about such a vast array of topics. Cracks In Morality is a blog that has been created to increase focus on worldwide matters that aren’t being spoken about nearly enough. The idea was born while having a debate with my housemate that really didn’t have a set focus. Instead it was about equality, specifically in the LGBT community, conflict in the Middle East and even the US election. It was then that I realised that there really is a need for more conversation on topics that affect our day to day lives.

It was over the next month and a half that this idea really took on a life of its own, it opened my eyes and made me realise just how far I could actually take this. Even a simple blog has the ability to make an impact on society and my aim is to do exactly that. Blogging is just the first step in what I hope will be a career in helping those that truly need it. The blog launched officially on Monday the 21st of November and aims to post on a weekly basis. As well as this website I have created a facebook page for all those who would like more articles and information. I will list the blogs social Media below

Thank you again and I really hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I loved writing them.